A Love Supreme Jeremy Spellacey - Crown Ruler Sound LP (12")

1 size only — $45.00 AUD

Jeremy Spellacey, who co-founded 'Crown Ruler Records’ and travels the world extensively digging for unknown, exceptional gems, has teamed up with London-based Label ‘SpaceTalk’ to deliver a deep and exotic compilation thats gives you a little taste of his epic collection.

'Crown Ruler Sound’ opens your ears to sounds of tropical treats from Africa, the caribbean and beyond. From synth-laden Zambian reggae and sumptuous orchestral Afro-soul, to humid Trinidadian boogie and horizontal Italian jazz-funk.

Jeremy has gone from strength to strength this year. He has already helped license the reissue of the brilliant South African boogie EP ‘Zulu’ by Focus and he now delivers another essential record in this compilation.