Aries Aries MIIT Cap - Black

1 size only — $140.00 AUD

In less than 10 years, Italo-British label Aries have built a lasting iconography in their balancing act between high-brow and low-brow cultural influences, often using the latter to question the authority of the former. Their varied use of Greek ionic columns goes right to the foundations of so-called Western civilization in their lampooning of notions of respectability.

Reminiscent of merchandise issued by Italian cultural clubs and associations around the world, the Aries MIIT Cap proudly lays claim to the label's Italian heritage with the label's 'MIIT' logo embroidered on the front, featuring "Aries" and "Made in Italy" as stylised text framed by two ionic columns.

With the kind of playful irony we've come to expect from Aries, this piece is actually made in the USA. Made in Italy is not intended literally (though the label's cotton pieces are, in fact, made in Italy) but as a reference to the label's inspirations, both ancient and contemporary, and its dedication to quality as well as iconoclasm.

Constructed from high-quality cotton twill, this classic 6-panel baseball cap also features an embroidered ionic column emerging from the brim's contrast trim; ventilation eyelets; and a leather adjustable strap with a metal buckle at the back.


Made in the USA.