Aries Men's Stoner Bear SS Tee - Peach

$140.00 AUD

Alongside canonical references to the ancient world, Italo-British label Aries show consistent reverence for 90s anti-fashion movements and slacker culture. Drug culture has been a consistent point of reference, both in the label's use of psychedelic patterns and printed graphics.

The Aries Men's Stoner Bear SS Tee in Peach prominently features a cartoon figure inspired by Hanna and Barbera's Yogi Bear as well as Charles M. Schulz's iconic Peanuts comic strip. With an 'A' for an eye, in reference to other psychedelic pieces from their new collection, the 'stoner bear' proclaims in a speech bubble, what has become Aries' signature slogan: 'No Problemo.'

Cut from soft lightweight cotton jersey, the Aries Men's Stoner Bear SS Tee in peach also features a ribbed crew neckline.

Made in Italy from 100% cotton.

Smaller sizes of this style are available here.