Perks and Mini (P.A.M.) Gesture Tote - Black

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Rather than more closely align themselves with the fashion trends endemic to Europe's fashion capital, P.A.M.'s move to Paris seems like little more than another stop on their psychedelic odyssey. Perks and Mini is named after founders' Micha Hollenbach and Shauna Toohey monikers as graffiti artists, and judging from this season's collection, entitled "Under_Ground," they have not lost their eye for subcultural agitation.

Over the years, P.A.M. have expanded the possibilities of the tote bag via experimentation with materials, size, and colour, bringing the simple accessory with them on their ventures into otherworldly visual realms. P.A.M.'s extra-large totes have become synonymous with the label. The Gesture Tote in Black represents the latest in a long line of striking, expansive, hardwearing totes.

The label's flower-like motif takes centre stage, prominently printed on the face. Curiously named 'Gesture,' with its asymmetrical appearance, different-sized petals, and eye-like centre, this emblem gestures towards outsider art without reverting to explicit reference. This bag also features snap button closure, reinforced handles, an internal zip pocket, and P.A.M. branding printed on the other side.

Made from 100% cotton.