Reception Porcelain Tray - White

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Influenced by founder Pierre Boiselle's love of food and wine in celebration of the pivotal role of restaurants in our social worlds, Lyon-based label Reception has always been about good times. As the story goes, the idea for the label was first conceived of while Boiselle and his wife were on a trip to New York, sitting at one of their favorite bars.

Entitled Born Curious, Stay Curious, this season's collection is influenced by Boiselle's travels to another US city: Los Angeles. Celebrating the city of dreams in all its alluring excess, the collection also gestures towards a sense of American innocence, road films, and imagery of the American West.

The Reception Porcelain Tray in white is a unique lifestyle accessory bearing the collection's name around the edges. Made of porcelain with a high-shine finish, this rectangular tray features a thistle graphic, thereby evoking the expanses of the US midwest seen from the highways on the way to the city of dreams. Born Curious, Stay Curious.

Dimensions: L20 x W15cm.