retaW Fragrance Candle - Natural Mystic

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The Collection

Long before Proust's madeleine or modern discoveries of its intimate connection in the brain to memory and emotion, smell held an important place in many cultures for thousands of years. Considered a second-tier sense with the violent upheavals of modernity, it is perhaps for the very reason that it can be neither seen nor heard that fragrance has such important functions within various traditions of spiritual and religious practice.

With products designed specifically for many of the different spaces we inhabit on a daily basis, since 2009, Tokyo-based retaW have sought to touch all aspects of life with scent. Their broad range of products—from car air freshener to room spray to candles—are developed with the latest dermatological innovations in mind and imbued with a selection of purposefully developed fragrances, each of which is designed to conjure what is most elemental—retaW is water, backwards, after all.

The Product

When it comes to retaW's mission of providing products for a life engulfed in scent, the label's Fragrance Candles are an essential component. Always a multi-sensory experience, the claim that before there was TV there was fire speaks a lasting truth; the flame is a primeval source of soft fascination. Dynamic enough to hold our focus, yet no so overstimulating that they require active attention, flames—like water—possess a unique ability to bring our minds to a state of occupied rest. With their selection of fragranced candles, retaW have developed a unique oil-based candle formula that releases their range of scents with the same unhurried pace at which a candle flame gently illuminates its environs. Transform your interiors into spaces of calm focus with the retaW Natural Mystic Fragrance Candle.

Burns for approximately 42 hours.

The Fragrance

Rich combinations of spices traditionally used more in cuisine than perfumery present a peculiar challenge for fragrance makers, given that together they tend to slide into overwhelming concoctions. retaW's Natural Mystic scent testifies to the Japanese label's adroitness when it comes to creating fragrances with both structure and room to move, with tempestuous bouquets of sweet spices supported by more traditional perfume ingredients. Natural Mystic unfolds with top notes of lavender and rosemary alongside a sweet foil, star anise. Just behind this combination of woody herbal notes patchouli, cinnamon, clove, and iris create a unique mélange of sweet tones, with complexity created between the elements' secondary characteristics. Such a synthesis would not be possible without the base notes of vanilla, labdanum, musk, and sandalwood that ground—quite literally given the earthiness of this combination—the fragrance. By doing so, retaW grant the Natural Mystic's heady mélange of potent spiced aromas space to move in front of a reliable background.

Weight: 145g.

Made in Japan.

Approximate Dimensions: H7 x W7cm.